About Snapscore


At Snapscore, our mission is to help you make more informed career decisions and achieve your professional goals using data-driven insights and recommendations.

Snapscore measures your qualifications and provides meaningful insights to accelerate your career. Scores are based on past accomplishments which are analyzed using econometric data and millions of points collected from the web.

Employers use Snapscore to determine who they should interview and ultimately hire. This information enables Snapscore to provide guidance on how to achieve your career goals. The platform compares you to professionals in your industry and shows how close (compatible) you are to your goals (jobs, skills, etc.). Snapscore provides recommendations that make a meaningful impact on job goals by filling gaps in your skill-set through e-education courses. The score serves as a benchmark to track this progress as well as a relative measure of professional merit.

Snapscore is based out of Venture Hive in downtown Miami.

To learn more about Snapscore, please visit our community education portal or drop us a note.


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