Snap exists to provide a service to its users. We strive to provide our users the best information available to make decisions when it comes to their careers. Through interaction and powerful data we can help people discover their career path and achieve their goals.

What is Snapscore?

Snapscore is a service that allows individuals to assess and improve their professional qualifications. Using interactive data, the platform engages users to recognize their core competencies and develop their nascent abilities. The system utilizes incentive systems to encourage users to cultivate their professional merit, both through organic growth and rallied support from their peers. SnapScore employs analytics that enhance users’ understandings of the source of their professional clout and the perceived importance of their skills economically.

How are the Scores Calculated?

The Snapscore and sub scores are calculated based upon a person’s background and skill set. Using an algorithm that takes into account the quality of an individual’s education history, work experience, professional network, and other factors we develop scores to help professional’s gauge their qualifications relative to their peers.

The Snapscore Team

The Snapscore team is comprised of three segments: the Operational Team, the Data Team, and the Programming Team. The Operational Team is concerned with high-level business decisions and management and includes seasoned entrepreneurs, innovators, and advisors. The Data Team is focused on developing algorithms and analytical tools and is comprised of Data Scientists with backgrounds in economics and mathematics. The Programming Team which implements the data teams scoring system into the site.
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